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Join us in solving the
challenge of our generation.

Four members of the team at WeaveGrid having a brainstorming discussion in our San Francisco office.

Who are ideal WeaveGrid candidates?

Beyond your core skills and track record, you’re someone who will expand the culture and cumulative wisdom of the team as a whole. This can take many forms - relevant past projects, an unusual or adjacent skillset, and who you are as an individual.

You should also be motivated by WeaveGrid’s mission. Energy and transportation expertise aren’t necessary but it is important that you’re passionate about tackling the climate crisis head on.
Five members of the WeaveGrid team having a brainstorming meeting around a large table.
A man standing at his desk reviewing his engineering work in our San Francisco office.

Our values: We run on ACFUEL

The letter A
We build trust, internal and external, by following through and communicating clearly.
We empower one another, and our whole is greater than the sum of our parts.
We solve for what matters, identify and shed distractions, and seek out leverage in all its forms.
We embrace a bias toward action – the world needs solutions now, and we must ship and iterate.
We remember that everyone has their own story, strengths, and struggles.
We approach the complexities of our business with humility, curiosity, and a sense of adventure.

What we offer

Competitive compensation
Earn ongoing energy bill credits
Flexible work
Earn ongoing energy bill credits
Collaborative &
Earn ongoing energy bill credits
A San Francisco hub  
Earn ongoing energy bill credits
Earn ongoing energy bill credits
health plans
Earn ongoing energy bill credits
A photo of the WeaveGrid office overlaid on a map of San Francisco showing where our office is located in the Mission District.

An award-winning record

We’re hiring across diverse backgrounds and experience levels