Privacy Policy

Revision 2.0
Effective Date: January 20, 2022


This privacy policy discloses WeaveGrid’s information practices, including what type of information is gathered, how the information is used and for what purposes, to whom we disclose the information, and how we safeguard your personal information.


This privacy policy covers:

• Visitors of WeaveGrid’s Corporate Website,

• evPulse account holders (referred to as the “Weave Grid Account  Services”),

• Authorized Users of WeaveGrid’s software and services, and• Job applicants and employees.

Policy Revisions

WeaveGrid updates its privacy policy when we change our policy or practices in a material way. We post our Privacy Policy notice on our corporate website with an effective date, and version number.

Data Collection

Personal Information (“PI”) and Personally Identifiable Information  (“PII”) Voluntarily Provided by You
At each point we collect personal data, WeaveGrid discloses why we are  collecting this data, and we request your consent to use your PI and PII  for those disclosed purposes.

WeaveGrid maintains an audit record of what data was collected, when,  where, for what purpose, and how we received your consent to use the  data. You may have the right to know what personal information WeaveGrid has collected pertaining to you as an individual person or  household member.  

You may exercise this right to know what PI we have collected. Other  rights, such as the right to revoke this consent, opting out of specific  communications and/or services or features, requesting restrictions on  processing the data, or deletion of some or all data, may also be exercised by emailing  

Categories of Information Collected and Processed

Automatically Collected Information

We may automatically collect the following types of information:

Usage Information: We collect certain information automatically  through your use of our Site, such as which pages on our Site you  access, the frequency of access, information about transactions  made on our Site, and what you click on while on our Site.  

Location Information: We may collect information about your  actual location that may be determined from GPS and other  sensors that may reveal information on nearby devices, Wi-Fi  access points, and cell towers.

Device Information: We may collect information about the device you are using, such as hardware model, operating system, application version number, browser, and IP addresses, telephone number, the unique device identifier assigned to that device, mobile carrier, operating system, and other device attributes.

Voluntarily Submitted Information

WeaveGrid needs some of your personal information.If you wish to utilize WeaveGrid Account Services (the “Services”), such as: (1) information about your electric vehicle (EV): Vehicle Identification Number (VIN),  make, model and model year; (2) information about your driving: drive observation date and time,  odometer reading,  GPS coordinates  (3) information from or about your vehicle charging: charging power level (kW),  total charging energy (total electricity consumed in kWh for  a contiguous session),  battery state of charge,  GPS coordinates of where the charging session occurred.

Categories of Information Sharing

WeaveGrid does not sell or rent your PI or PII information.
WeaveGrid may share information with Service Providers for the purposes of:  (i) helping us perform Site functions and process your  transactions; (ii) other legitimate business purposes as permitted by law.  Information we share is subject to a confidentiality agreement or data processing agreement between WeaveGrid and the service provider.

WeaveGrid may share information Within Our Corporate Family which may include:  (i) a parent company, subsidiaries, joint ventures, or other  companies under common control with us; (ii) contemplated or actual merger, acquisition, consolidation,  change of control, or sale of all or a portion of our assets or if we  undergo bankruptcy or liquidation;

WeaveGrid may share information To Prevent Harm which may be necessary in order to detect, investigate, prevent, or  take action against illegal activities, fraud, or situations involving  potential threats to the rights, property, or personal safety of any  person.

WeaveGrid may share information For Legal Purposes which may be necessary in order to:

• respond to or comply with court or regulatory agency orders, legal  proceedings, or legal process;

• to exercise our legal rights;  • to defend against legal claims or demands;  

• or to comply with the requirements of any applicable law.

WeaveGrid may share information With Your Consent for any purpose not explicitly stated within this Policy, on  condition that WeaveGrid notifies you and obtains your consent before  sharing your personal information for the stated purpose.

Aggregate Information

WeaveGrid collects and shares statistical or aggregated information  about visitors to WeaveGrid’s Corporate Website and Authorized Users  of “Weave Grid Account Services” with our electric utility clients.For example, when we calculate the percentage of users in a particular  ZIP code that charge their Electric Vehicles in a particular neighborhood,  that data is de-identified and aggregated.

Cookies and Third-Party Data Collection

WeaveGrid uses Cookies, and other tracking technologies to your  activities on our websites and apps, primarily to track your preferences  and use that information to improve our services.

The cookies and tracking technologies we use includes Google  Analytics, which utilizes the data collected to track and examine the use  of our Site and may share this data with other Google services.  

The cookies and tracking technologies we use may be shared with third party vendors and business partners to deliver content to you based on  your interests. You can change your browser settings on your personal computer or  mobile device so that cookies are not stored. You may reject cookies in  your browser(s) but doing so will not opt-out or unsubscribe you from  any communications or information exchanges you have consented to  receive.  

How We Use and Share Personal Information (PI)

We use the PI we collect in the following ways:  

• To Provide Services: We use PI that we collect in order to provide  any Services that you may request or in which you have enrolled. • Communicate: We use PI to communicate with you about the  Websites, App or Services. We may also use your PI to send you  updates or other communications regarding your account or to  inform you of any changes to the Websites, App or Services, or to send you information, recommendations and promotions that we  believe will be of interest to you.  

• Specific Purposes: You may be asked to provide information for a  specific purpose (other than those described in this Privacy  Policy). We will only use that information for that purpose. • Customer Support: We may use your PI to provide you support or  other services you request. For example, we may need certain  information in order to provide technical support or answer  questions about the Websites, App or Services.

• To Improve Our Services: We may use your PI for statistical  analyses, generating surveys, and doing market research in order  to improve the Service. We may use information collected on the  Websites, App or Services to personalize your experience.

• Site Maintenance: We analyze how our users interact with the  Websites and App in order to maintain and improve them. We  also use information that we collect to diagnose any problems  with the Websites, App or Services.  

Data Security

The security of your PI and PII is important to us. We maintain  reasonable physical, technical, and administrative security measures to  protect and limit access to your PI and PII.  

Please exercise discretion in what information you send to us by email. If you have any questions or comments you would like to share with us in a confidential manner, please contact your WeaveGrid representative or email

Data Integrity

WeaveGrid processes personal information according to the purpose for  which it was collected or authorized. WeaveGrid takes reasonable steps  to ensure that personal information is accurate, complete, current, and  appropriate for its intended use.

Exercising Your Privacy Rights

You may have data privacy rights in the legal jurisdiction where you reside. WeaveGrid may be subject to complying with data privacy laws, and  WeaveGrid may be exempt from the law, depending on which statutes are applicable to your legal residence. WeaveGrid will comply with all applicable law regarding personal  privacy protections and have made our Privacy Policy and Privacy  Practices align with Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs).

The eight Fair Information Practice Principles are:

• Collection Limitation Principle.  

• Data Quality Principle.  

• Purpose Specification Principle.  

• Use Limitation Principle.  

• Security Safeguards Principle.  

• Openness Principle.  

• Individual Participation Principle.  

• Accountability Principle.

Under these best practice guidelines, WeaveGrid enables individual persons to:  

• Receive disclosure of personal information about you that we have  collected;

• Allow the individual to rectify, or amend the personal information about you that we have collected;

• Delete all personal information about you that we have collected  when you discontinue using our websites or services.

These privacy rights may be exercised by emailing  

Inquiries, Complaints, Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

In cases of disputes about the way WeaveGrid uses your personal  information, we encourage you to make reasonable efforts to resolve  such disputes with WeaveGrid in good faith to reach a fair and equitable  solution.  

Privacy Questions

If you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact