The software-defined vehicle meets the grid-interactive vehicle

WeaveGrid works with automakers and charging companies to ready your products and your customers for a transformed EV experience.

An electric vehicle driving down a rural highway with transmission lines along the road.

WeaveGrid for automakers

We elevate the EV driver experience to support increased EV sales and create new value streams for automakers.
An electric vehicle SUV in the driveway of a suburban home.
Unlock the grid-interactive vehicle
Align your software stack to interface with electric utilities and participate actively on the grid for V2X and beyond.
A man in his garage using his phone to set the charging schedule for his electric vehicle.
Offer a compelling driver experience
Integrate grid intelligence into product features to help your drivers understand charging, access utility benefits, and save money.
A woman plugging in her electric vehicle at dusk.
Access high-margin recurring revenue
Future-proof your investment in electric vehicles while unlocking new digital value streams.

For charging companies

Increase product visibility
Boost sales via utility managed charging programs while helping drivers stack incentives.
Future-proof device capabilities
Leap beyond demand response and achieve true managed charging with WeaveGrid's predictive algorithms.
Build a ramp to V2X scalability
Co-create the future of bidirectional charging with a seat at the table in early utility deployments.

Why partner with WeaveGrid

Integration depth
Boost your tech stack to support grid-interactive vehicles, at all stages of EV ownership, utilizing our industry-leading software.
Personalized dashboard
Data integrity
Keep your data secure. Our vehicle integrations provide high data quality and adhere to utility and OEM privacy and security standards.
Unlock EV value
Meet your business objectives. We partner with you to unlock new, differentiated value streams from EVs.
Driver delight
Bring drivers along for the ride and entice new buyers. We put driver experience at the forefront of everything we build with you.

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